BROOKS Equities is your business financing source.

BROOKS Equities is self-financed, meaning, we control our investments. We not only infuse capital, restructure and make strategic purchases. We help our members finance projects. In the event a project is too large, carrying costs are too long, can’t float payroll, or can’t wait for retention money, let our Equities group help.

We structure any type of deal that makes sense for all parties and we love to get creative.
There is no standard to which we tie our financing. We review and consider each deal differently and our Equities group goal is to close deals.

We have tied financing to Libor rates plus a risk factor, piggyback onto other deals, structure and guarantee deals within Marketplace members through the support of materials, labor or otherwise.

One thing is always for sure, we make deals where everyone wins.

We also allow and encourage our Marketplace members to invest back into our Equities group so they can reap the rewards of the collective group.

Our Equities group offers at a minimum, current market return rates, but most of the time, larger than normal returns because the risks factors are mitigated by the inclusion of the acquired entity into the Marketplace.

Resolve cash flow issues, the burden of carrying projects, or simply invest today into the proven system of success.

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