Who is BROOKS Industrial Marketplace Logistics, LLC?

BROOKS Industrial Marketplace Logistics, LLC, is one of the individual operating divisions of the multi-tiered conglomerate BROOKS Industrial Marketplace. BROOKS Industrial Marketplace Logistics, being partnered with and powered by a nearly 600 Million company provides unparalleled sustainability. BROOKS Industrial Marketplace Logistics is sure to save you time, money and allows you seamless detailed management of all your logistics needs with a revolutionary logistics operating system.

Why BROOKS Industrial Marketplace Logistics, LLC?

The purpose of these multiple operating divisions is to provide members of BROOKS Industrial Marketplace an all-inclusive central location to conduct all of their business activities from Logistics, Employment Staffing, Insurance, Supplies and Products, Field Services, Product Sourcing, Project Lead Generation, Engineering Services, and Project Financing.  As we grow you grow by offering continually reducing cost structures based on volume and traffic, not only to single entities but for all the Marketplace members as a whole.

BROOKS Industrial Marketplace Logistics, LLC allows members to take advantage of group rate discounting that BROOKS Industrial Marketplace has to offer.  By the industry teaming together on this revolutionary platform, BROOKS Industrial Marketplace, all of the costs associated with individual operations are greatly reduced through the agreements we have in place with the major suppliers and subcontractors within our site.

BROOKS Industrial Marketplace, in its entirety, is the premier, online marketplace in which businesses are able to pool resources in order to take advantage of group rate and volume discounts.

What strengths does BROOKS Industrial Marketplace Logistics and the BROOKS Industrial Marketplace have?

The strengths of BROOKS Industrial Marketplace Logistics, LLC as well as all of the other operating entities, BROOKS Industrial Marketplace Employ, BROOKS Industrial Marketplace Insure, BROOKS Industrial Marketplace Sourcing, BROOKS Industrial Marketplace Equities, BROOKS Industrial Marketplace Recycle,BROOKS Industrial Marketplace Engineering and BROOKS Industrial Marketplace Onsite come from 60 years of experience in the steel industry.

Who is the founder?

The founder of BROOKS Industrial Marketplace Marketplace, Tyler Brooks, has served in the industry since 1992.  Starting by sweeping floors for his father, working his way through the ranks, to now owning the company, we have become one of the larger specialty service centers on the West Coast.

Tyler has seen the need for equalizing the playing field for the small and big guys.  To do this, you must find a way to provide a fair advantage allowing them to now have access to the same types of cost structures as the larger companies.

It has also always been a source of contention among the smaller companies that the larger companies can undercut the smaller guys because of the volume they purchase as well as the cash flow that allows them to not realize losses within their production crews.  Tyler has always believed, by equalizing this playing field, it forces the distributors to be distributors and the processing and value added companies to excel within their core competencies rather than the big guys trying to tap into the small guys market and the small guys trying to play on the big guys level only to cause heartache when the markets tank.  Most of the time, the smaller guys can’t ride out the swings.

Tyler always saw a trend in the industry, one of massive ebbs and flows all driven by market conditions and commodities markets that are and were uncontrollable.

It is his belief, by opening the playbook and placing resources that have been established throughout the years and his tenure of business it will help grown and solve the issues most small to medium size businesses have.

He has always believed, the most difficult things to overcome in this industry and for growing business is lead generation, staffing during the ebbs and flows of the industry, finance, inventory, logistics and insurances.

With rising costs of nearly everything, a market that is uncontrollable and the reality the steel industry really doesn’t operate on a streamline platform that is comparable to today’s technological environment and advancements outside of processing equipment,  the time is now that someone stepped up to make change on a scale that moves the industry in the proper direction.

Join the revolution, and get America back to work!